Egypt: The 18-Day Revolution.

18 Day Header

I had just written a recent entry sharing the work of a talented Egyptian photographer and civilian, Mahmoud Yakut, who witnessed, and discernibly is still being affected, by the dramatic events of Egypt’s revolution. I had a succinct correspondence with Mahmoud and he expressed his sincere gratitude that he could share his first hand perspective through his camera. Additionally, he expressed that he was intrigued to perceive an individual western perspective.

Humbly, of course, I cannot speak for everyone in America, but generally I believe there is an agreed consensus among westerners that the Egyptian people deserve an egalitarian state. Fighting for equality and freedom is never an easy ideology to obtain; in fact, I feel that the United States, in many regards, is still struggling with such principles. And historically speaking, the United States understands what it means to struggle for equality and freedom. Without a doubt, the U.S. supports the Egyptian people.

What really impressed me the most about approach of Egyptian protests is they were in fact, secular movements. You saw Muslims and Christians standing together without prejudice. Furthermore, I even observed a large number of children and young adults getting so attached and attuned to the revolutionary desire for freedom and I can only imagine how much this will eternally reverberate in their hearts as they become the future of Egypt.

I praise Egypt for single-handedly, without external intervention, coercing Mubarak to resign and I could only wish that other Arab countries that desire the same consequence could be just as swift.

I am optimistic about Egypt’s progress and I believe it is crucial the government makes it a priority to empower its citizens. Much of the Arab world has been plagued with religious obscurantism, evidently however, with the global democratization of information, courtesy of the Internet, intellectual obstruction will inevitably disappear.


~ by Roger Sutton on March 9, 2011.

2 Responses to “Egypt: The 18-Day Revolution.”

  1. The whole world should become a free place. About Egypt, the rest of the world is in awe of the civilians there.

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