A picture is worth “countless” words!

Mahmoud Photography Header

I have always been an enormous appreciator of photographic art and I happened to stumble upon an Egyptian’s photography work the other day with much coverage in recent events in Egypt. His name is Mahmoud Yakut, a clinical radiologist as well as a talented photographer, who has been affected by the dramatic revolution in Egypt. Mahmoud was able to capture the powerful turmoil and emotion of this time in his photographic work and I was so captivated by the feeling of his photos that I just wanted to share them.

There is something art, whether it is music, performance, or photography, that can really touch people so emotively that sometimes words cannot explain it, and I desire that all people can experience this sentiment.

We are seeing his perspective through his camera so I will borrow Mahmoud’s captions for these photos.

Mahmoud Photo 1

“The most organized and peaceful protests I saw so far, very funny and cheerful slogans, not a single religious or hatred word… it was all about getting rid of the current temporary government which was formed by the old regime and getting rid of the secret police or national security police… after seeing these protests all my fears about the future of this country are gone.”

Mahmoud Photo 2

“A poor homeless man who turned to be a great poet, one of the victims of the tyrant Mubarak, after hearing he news of the millions all around Egypt marching, he broke into tears and kept saying ‘the day has come, he will finally go’…”

Mahmoud Photo 5

“Anger day in Alexandria, Egypt. My city Alexandria burning and smoke covering its skies that were once blue… a price for freedom.”

Mahmoud Photo 3

Mahmoud Photo 4

“A group of young Egyptians watching the buildings set on fire beside the statue of Alexander the great founder of Alexandria 331 BC.”

Mahmoud Photo 6

“In Alexandria, Egypt, a protest near one of the buildings of the national security police. This is a girl who knew no presidents of her country except Mubarak, since the day she was borne. The slogan says it all…”

Mahmoud Photo 7

“Despite the fierce battles with the police forces, the chaotic situation and the teargas that filled the air and me being an Egyptian who spent most of his life in Egypt, it was the first time for me to see normal simple Egyptian people really happy and smiling to each others. It’s the taste of freedom, that they tried for the first time, thats my only explanation…”

I hope to be able to share more of Mahmoud’s work in the future. Thank you again Mahmoud for getting back in touch with me and giving me the opportunity to share your photos.

You can find more of his work and see his portfolio at http://cyg-x-1.deviantart.com/


~ by Roger Sutton on March 7, 2011.

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